On 26 July, 6.30 pm Kitokia Grafika and Kaunas Artists’ House present an exhibition of works by Evangelos Androutsopoulos, produced during his stay at Kaunas. During a month-long residency with Kaunas Comics Residency the artist had set out to create a narrative series and publication under the theme of memories of buildings, the city’s changes over time. With a focus on a walk around a trail of Kaunas, Evangelos used a combination of first-hand experience, fact and fiction, and result in a story about the urban environment. The work is printed with the risograph machines at Kitokia Grafika. 

This event is a part of a series that follow the establishing of the KAH infocentre. The Cultural Information Centre (Infocentre) of KAH is a new platform launched dedicated to the dissemination and coordination of cultural events and art information in Kaunas city. In accordance with the cultural strategy of Kaunas city, the activities of the Infocentre are focused not only on encouraging the city’s residents’ and guests’ involvement and interest in the cultural and creative industries of Kaunas city and region, but also on improving the communication between local cultural professionals, facilitating the exchange of experience and resources.

During his residency, Evangelos is also holding a workshop on the topic of the unreliability of human memories, resulting in a collaborative zine. The workshop will take place on 22 July, 12 am – 6 pm. More info

Evangelos Androutsopoulos is a Finnish/Greek artist working primarily with drawing and comics. He is interested in the narrative possibilities of comics, as well as the perception of images by the brain. A big part of his work consists of drawing from observation and in sketchbooks. Over the years he has made work for various publications and exhibitions.

Further information about the artist can be found here

The exhibition runs until 9 August during KAH opening hours, 11 am – 6 pm Monday to Friday.

This event is presented by Kitokia Grafika.
More information apie the KAH Infocentre and at KMN kultūros informacijos centras Facebook group.

Kaunas Comics Residency 2018 is supported by Nordic Culture Point.

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