On 30th of April Kaunas Artists’ House will host a presentation and lecture on Margaret Tali’s and Tanel Rander’s co-edited book “Archives and Disobedience: Changing tactics of visual culture in Eastern Europe” (publisher Estonian Academy of Arts Press).

The book is a text collection that discusses the role of archives in visual culture and public discourse in Eastern Europe. Archives (art institutions, museums, photo and video banks) act as means of governing and an agency of identity politics that controls system of values, the behaviour of people, use of language and subjectivity. The book departs from the concept of archive as a form of “governmentality” and control over knowledge and subjectivity, however offers to think of it as a tool for resistence and disobedience as well. It brings together authors from Eastern Europe and elsewhere, with artistic and non-artistic backgrounds, being also a form of archive that tends to create discourse.
More information on the book

Tanel Rander (b. 1980) is an artist, curator, and writer, whose creative work includes experimental practices based in language and psychology, and critical study of Eastern-European discourse and decoloniality. The focus of Rander’s work is the tension between subjectivity and the modifying pressure it experiences between interior and exterior. From late 2016 to late 2018 he conducted a collective research on borders in Estonian/Latvian twin town Valga/Valka, where he also ran the art space Brivibas galerija.

Attending the event is free of charge and it will be held in English


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