The first time you hear Lady Blue Beard, you get the impression the band was born in the wrong place at the wrong time. The way the lead singer reminisces of past giants such as David Bowie or Lou Reed with his extravagant style and unique voice. As though the band heralds from the good old days, when Pluto was everyone’s favorite planet. Songs that evoke the best of the Stones from the Let It Bleed era, awash with ecstatic backing vocals à la The Kinks’ Lola, not to mention songwriting that, to drop the B bomb, takes you again and again back to the Beatles. 

But “Lady Blue Beard” isn’t your typical vintage band where you’re sure, with every song, that you know the original. Much too distinct are the complex arrangements, too open the genre borders to jazz, neofolk and modern pop. And with no astonishment you read that the band’s direct idols include Dirty Projectors, Feist and Michael Jackson. A unique band of the kind that only comes around once every few years … another aspect that links them to the heroes of yesteryear.

The event is free of charge. The concert is a part of KMN rezidencijos: RättBuss Express event. During parties and discussions about alternative artistic practices the RättBuss activist collective explores the problematics of tourism and capitalism. Alongside this concert, during their residency in Kaunas, the members of “RättBuss“ and guest artists will share their artistic practices and experience: sound artist Zan Hoffman (USA) will lead a performative bus tour “Kaunastones”, a creative “šaltibarščiai” workshop will take place alongside open discussions and the initiative to collectively create the alternative Kaunas tourism zine.

Band members:
Klaus Fischer – vocals, guitar
Gintė Milvydaitė – vocals, bass, percussion
Katharina Lattke – vocals, drums

More about the band:

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