MONDO BIZARRO is cinematic event dedicated to films, genres and subgenres which could fall to paracinema term. Paracinema is the mixture of high and low art, conjoining exploitation and academia, and breathing with energy, individuality and fun. Paracinema is the cinema of parties which embraces all forms of transgressive media culture. As put by academic Jeffrey Sconce:

“As a most elastic textual category, paracinema would include entries from such seemingly disparate subgenres as ‘badfilm’, splatter-punk, ‘mondo’ films, sword and sandal epics, Elvis flicks, government hygiene films, Japanese monster movies, beach-party musicals, and just about every other historical manifestation of exploitation cinema from juvenile delinquent documentaries to soft-core pornography.”

MONDO BIZARRO is giving a space to the ridiculous, the provocative, the thoughtful and the forgotten. Inspired by paracinematic principles emerging out of underground fan cultures, event will invite viewers to read between the lines – holding aloft unappreciated or unusual art, and pushing at the boundaries of “acceptable” culture and will encourage not to ‘forgive’ a film’s faults, but start to love them.

We will invite to screenings of films that usually don’t get the opportunity to play on the big screen, also discussions, lectures and other special events. We want to bring together obscure cinema lovers – join us as we celebrate extraordinary cinema culture.

Time: February 27 – March 3
Organizer: Kitas Kinas
Friends: Kauno Menininkų Namai, Mykolo Žilinsko dailės galerija

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