Ha …
Carlo fell down.
Are you ok?
You really fell down there.
You need help?

Nailed it | A youth-oriented dance performance and discussion about failure

In this performance, the dancers – Ema and Carlo, will share some of their experiences with failure. Sometimes it is personal, other times it is general. They do not expose concrete stories about what or how they have failed or are still failing. It just happens.

In this performance you can relax. After all, it is not you who is on the stage.

Concept/choreography: Paulius Prievelis
Dancers: Ema Senkuvienė (LT), Adrian Carlo Bibiano (MX/CA)
The duration of the performance: 30-40 mins.

The performance will be followed by a discussion with the choreographer, the dancers and professionals, who engage with the subject of failure from a practical and psychological perspective. The majority of the discussion will be held in Lithuanian.

For free entry, please register in advance at asta@kmn.lt. On the day of the event tickets will cost 2 EUR.

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