OLOS, the contemporary music concert series, invites to further explore the broad and unpredictable geology of experimental music on the 14th of March, 8 pm, with Sigīta Seyr, TEATRE, Monikaze and video project “VS”.

Monikaze is a solo electronic music project by the multifaceted contemporary composer Monika Zenkevičiūtė. Her music, marked by electronica, jazz, IDM, ambient and other styles, features organic and effected vocals, synthetic and acoustic sound combinations pushed together by breakthroughs of kicks and aggressive bass lines.
Since graduating from composition studies at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Monika has been experimenting with music in her electronic output. She is active in a variety of aspects, including electronic music, instrumental and vocal creative projects, music for the theatre, various festivals and competitions (“Druskomanija”, “Operomanija”, “Jauna muzika”) and other activities.

It’s not easy to describe the nature of Sigīta Seyr’s music. On one side of this narrative is a consistent construct, on the other – the unpredictable chaos of the soundscapes. From rough techno rhythms surrounded by light atmospheric ambient sounds, to musique concrete buzzings and beyond. “In the creative process I try to go beyond the perception of traditional music, trying to look at the sound as an integral part of a variety of phenomena, actions or experiences that remain in our memory as images or scents, creating emotions and feelings connected to those experiences”, – the artist herself summarizes. Sigīta Seyr is a manifesto on the picturesque history of Delia Derbyshire, Laurie Spiegel, Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement, Carter Tutti, creating music from unlimited audio options.
Year 2018 saw the release of Sigīta Seyr ‘s debut album “Compos Mentis” on Berlin’s aspiring Detriti Records label.
Video project “VS”’s goal is to be in the here and now whilst creating images. It seeks to convey the colours and emotions of the music in reaction to its changes, combining unexpected visual language decisions and combinations. Therefore every performance by “VS” happens in the moment, making it live and unique.

TEATRE is a persona of an electronic music producer, shifting between EBM, techno, industrial and electro, and manouevring between the frameworks of club music and non-club music. Its casette releases feature both the cold and harsh thundering rhythms and sorrowful synthesizer trajectories, whereas controller selections are dominated by a brutal, crooked and intensive body music, sometimes moving towards noise, sometimes, after an emotional meltdown, crystalising towards wave and ambient noises.
2018 saw the release of TEATRE’s debut album “Biennale” with Ghia, and, within the space of a month, “Dekadansas EP” with “PPP” label. TEATRE has also been featured in one META MOTO’S esoteric casettes.

This concert is being held within the framework of Mondo Bizarro, the paracinema festival.
Tickets and discounts: tickets cost 5 EUR (3 EUR concessions – schoolchildren, students, seniors). Tickets can be purchased on the door and at Tiketa sales points in person and online.

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