OLOS, the relevant contemporary music concert series, invites to further explore the broad and unpredictable geology of experimental music on 21 September, 8 pm. Exceptional, rare tribal, industrial, kraut, kosmische, exotica genre records will be played by the illustrious delegates of the underground scene in Vilnius – Patricia Kokett (Isla/Knekelhuis), Hìldå (Isla), Ilius (secretthirteen), whereas su~y (Isla/secretthirteen/DAI) will be looking after the analogue projections. According to the artists, the citizens of Kaunas are in for a free form audio-visual voyage.

Patricia Kokett (Isla/Knekelhuis)
„Adventurous music for adventurous people!“
Patricia Kokett’s music moves in the margins of techno/industrial/kosmische. Its most important moment is the movement away from a rational way of being and towards a state of trance. Patricia Kokett’s DJ sets showcase a similar music form, undefinable by the borders of style. Exotic esoteric music is mixed with the movements of industrial/wave and the Berlin school.


Hìldå (Isla)
„Artistic awkward music“
Hìldå broadcasts a language of music that rarely fits within the canon of certain genres. It is a carefully selected experience for the listener, inviting them to wander the unknown wonders of nature, mystical atmospheres of sound and slowly wavering strokes. One can locate an entire map of world music within this project. In its in-between states it offers variations of avant-garde, cinematic conversations and field recordings.


Ilius (secretthirteen)
„Urbanist balearia experience“
Ilius’s sets freely wander between a curved form of wave/post-punk and a selection of dreamy tropic melancholy sounds. Their sound stories waver unexpectedly, with subtle twists and jumps.


su~y (Isla/secretthirteen/DAI)
su~y is a creator of visuals, who mainly uses naturally occuring errors and imprecisions to create real time video improvisations based on the theme of the music that is being played at events. He mainly utilises a broad spectre of ideas and techniques in his experiments. An enthusiasts of analogue photography, digital projections, cinemascope televisions and DIY video editing devices.


Tickets and discounts: tickets cost 5 EUR (3 EUR concessions – schoolchildren, students, seniors). Tickets can be purchased on the door and at Tiketa sales points in person and online.

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