Kaunas Artists’ House in collaboration with Nida Art Colony of Vilnius Academy of Arts and curator Lesia Kulchynska are delighted to announce an open call for proposals from artists and non-artists to participate in Service – a one-day project that will take place on 18 June at Kaunas Artists’ House.

Deadline: 30 May 2022, Midnight EET (Helsinki)

Service functions as a platform for participants to offer an unusual service to the general public in the form of a performative action in exchange for money, something material or immaterial, something symbolic, another kind of exchange, or just for free.

In this context, the understanding of “service” represents an intention to go beyond the logic of the market service industry and invite participants to reinterpret and appropriate the idea of “service”. Instead of simply providing goods to others, participants are invited to design the process of exchange in their own specific way – proposals should embrace one’s peculiar experience, skills, knowledge and attitude, and deliver a valuable experience to someone else. In this way, Service intends to enable the exchange of both energy and care.

Proposals might take the form of a unique nail design or distinct make-up concept, a reading of a story with a special timbre, a lesson to impressively whistle one’s favourite song, a conversation about the weather, or anything else that can be imagined. Serving each other gives us the possibility to become connected, needed and loved. Sometimes not having the chance to do that is the saddest story. The situation of service delivery also generates room for exchange with a stranger, a chance to know someone or something unexpected.

Service in Kaunas therefore will become part of an established community of unique “service providers”. 

Service is the first project in a programme of performances co-organised by Kaunas Artists’ House and Nida Art Colony of Vilnius Academy of Arts to take place in Kaunas, Nida and Vilnius in 2022. The programme is an adoption of an annual event at Kaunas Artists’ House, a celebration of Art’s Birthday usually held on 17 January in memory of Fluxus artist Robert Filliou.

Application requirements:

Fill in the Google form by providing the following: – a short description of your proposed service idea and the type of exchange you envision; – a brief overview of your practice and background.

Who can apply:

For this iteration of Service artists and non-artists and anyone interested in working with this format based in Lithuania is invited to apply with a proposal for a service they would like to use as a tool to exchange with the broader public.

What we offer:

Selected participants will be provided with a participation fee of 200€ (taxes included) and travel costs in Lithuania.

The performance programme at KAH and NAC is co-funded by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.

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