We would like to invite you to the opening of the exhibition Melioracija, which will take place on June 22 6 p.m., at Žemės ūkio rūmai (Chamber of Agriculture) in Donelaičio str. 2.

Melioracija or land reclamation is a man-made measure that, in the long run, improves the soil water, air, heat, nutrient regime and creates conditions for abundant and stable agricultural yields. The reckless implementation of land reclamation in Lithuania caused many ecological problems: the chemical pollution of country’s waters increased significantly, the landscape deteriorated, and the balance of the ecosystem was disturbed. Undoubtedly, land reclamation is part of a modernization process that is highly focused on progress and improvement, indirectly contributing to industrial and urban development.

The third-year international reciprocal residency programme DeMo (Decoding Modernity) invited artists to explore as subjectively as possible the possible connections, overlaps and differences between the various modernities and modernization processes, their forms and expressions. The exhibition Melioracija will reveal the perspectives of the latter research, at the same time opening up a very wide question about our connection to progress today and its inevitable dialectics and materiality.

The exhibition artists:
Niamh Seana Meehan
Anton Karyuk
Vytautas Stakutis
Beatrice Celli
Mark Buckeridge
Ona Juciūtė
Kipras Dubauskas
Nazar Furyk
Andrii Dostliev
Julia Beliaeva
Lia Dostlieva
Julija Račiūnaitė

The curator of the exhibition – Agnė Bagdžiūnaitė.
The architect of the exhibition – Gabrielė Černiavskaja.
The coordinator of the exhibition – Brigita Bareikytė.

The exhibition Melioracija will run until August 21.

Visiting the exhibition:
23 June21 August
IIIV from 1 p.m. until 5 p.m. with registration in advance

Guided tours with curator: dates and times coming soon

Reciprocal Residency DeMo is a part of Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022 programme Modernism for the Future.

DeMo Partners:
Center fro Contemporary Art Derry~ Londonderry (GBR), ACROSS residency by thankyouforcoming (FR), Lithuanian Culture Institute, KC LAB and Novi Sad 2022 (RS).

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