Quick Fix | a mix of jokes with Margarita Žigutytė | 28 September, 7 pm, Kaunas Artists’ House


I would love to invite you to a cocktail party with some jokes served as snacks.
A great warm-up before Friday night, I would say. Even though I cannot promise that we will laugh all the time. But we might. Who knows how the time will turn out to be. Oh, and you can also bring some jokes to share (written jokes, YouTube videos or practical jokes). That would be my only request. I will also ask my great friends to share their favorite jokes and some recipes for cocktails. 
As you can imagine I am making this because, recently, I’ve been missing some laughter. All this art makes me so bored. And all this fast production makes me stressed. 
Also, I wanted to ask, whether there is something intimate about sharing a joke? What if people do not like it? So much vulnerability in revealing your sense of humour. But maybe it is still better than watching jokes alone on YouTube? I think we can talk about jokes in depth when we see each other. 
I hope to see you soon. 

With love, 

This event is a part of a series that follow the establishing of the KAH residency program. The program of residences at Kaunas Artists’ House has been created in 2018 with the aim to present the most relevant contemporary artists, curators and cultural researchers working in Lithuania and abroad to the residents and guests of Kaunas city. The residency program aims to foster intercultural, cross-institutional and cross-sectoral cooperation, to provide artists and cultural producers with the opportunity to become acquainted with the historical and cultural context of the city during their residency, to facilitate their cooperation with other artists or cultural producers and local communities.

Margarita Žigutytė is a curator and researcher based in Kaunas. Putting a priority on slow and collaborative working processes. Loving a good laughter and jokes as well as dinner parties. At this particular time interested in topics of leisure time, games and entertainments.