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Indistertnet: Inbox/Unbox

2020-01-30/18:00 - 22:00

Internet. Consumption. Artificial Intelligence.

In the age of Internet we turn into cells standing in the epicenter of an ongoing process of interchange, whose pusation (browsing, “liking”, commeting) allows an all-encompassing body of digital capitalism to flourish. Fiber-optic arteries provide a daily influx of vital fluid of information to the cell, which further unpacks it, recontextualizes it and releases it back to the complex “knowledgestream”. In some cases, the information crystallizes into specific objects, the acquisition of which takes place in the monetary system, or in other words – the cell is spending money. A recently passed ritual of consumption, gifting and unboxing also known by the name of Christmas, allows to grasp the mentioned processes by our own hands. All of these flows are organized by artificial intelligence – an all-powerful “nature” which is forming the

nutrition practices of individual cells. So far it is deciding what content we will see and what commodities will we buy only by algorithmic background processes, but the future will bring something else – the conversational marketing, where the digital assistants will give recommendations in words. This event will draw the attention to the shifts of consumption practices in the face of internet and will try to grasp what kind of place does artificial intelligence take in all of this.

“inDISternet” connects education with entertainment. It consist of two main parts: active and passive. Everything will begin with stimulating “lounge”, which will combine online art, packing workshop, contemporary art publishing, music, conversations and Caffeine coffee; what will further change into dis.art video preview, the talk given by a artificial intelligence PhD researched

Khalil Israfilzade, and associative YouTube video previews. Collage-like course of the event replicates a chaotic narrative of the internet and reflects on a shortened attention span of a contemporary spectator.

To get a better feeling of a pulse of consumerism we encourage to bring your own random object to the event – you will be able to put it into the box during inbox/unbox therapy workshop. You will get the object back after the event.

What is that?
“inbox/unbox” is a first event from a year long series of events titled “inDISternet” which is organized by KAH Infocenter as an attempt to publicly problematize the challenges posed by digitization and to research the cultural impact of internet through unconventional

education-entertainment events. Online artworks will become symbolic points of departure and illustrations for various theoretical analyses. The events will combine contemporary art, post-internet awareness, informal atmosphere, music, discussions, pleasant tastes, online video previews, academic thought and dis.art.

The talk
Khalil Israfilzade is a PhD student at VMU from Azerbaijan who is researching digital marketing and artificial intelligence through the prisms of creativity and conversational marketing. In the event Khalil will unpack a package filled with scientific insights.

dis.art is the world’s leading video art platform working in post-internet precepts. By being aware that internet person is not interested in big books and complex lectures it has the insight that he is

still craving for the knowledge hidden within these texts. They completely transferred to video format in 2017, although previously DIS was active as an online magazine. Currently dis.art library holds around 50 short “edutainment” videos which are the basis of “inDISternet” events. These are contemporary art video works aesthetically correlating to the eclecticism and speed of internet, which are always educating and inviting to thing critically.

“In” – we are somewhere, totally submerged; “DIS” – display, dissolve, disintegrate, disseminate, dislocate; “net” – an all connecting substance in the shape of digital web. Together – “inDISternet” – a public attempt to critically dissolve and disintegrate the internet.

Come, it will be edutaining!


18:00 - 22:00
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