Kaunas Artists’ House is pleased to invite you to the opening of “SPEAKING VOLUMES! / TUNGEBUNDET”, an international contemporary art project exhibition, taking place on the 12th of October, 6 pm. The exhibition runs until the 26th of October.

The participating artists have been developing the exhibited work for over a year especially for this project. “SPEAKING VOLUMES!” is an exhibition project in two parts. The first part took place in April at KH7artspace in Aarhus and had the subtitle “WORD OF MOUTH”. The second part is subtitled “TUNGEBUNDET” and takes place in October at Kaunas Artists’ House.

“SPEAKING VOLUMES! / TUNGEBUNDET” at Kaunas Artists’ House is examining the metaphorical, religious and sometimes political significance of the voice. Located in a modernist building, Kaunas Artists’ House was originally designed for the Vatican nunciature, a home for the papal ambassador, the so-called nuncio or ‘messenger’. ‘Nuncio’ and the English word ‘enunciate’ share the same etymological root. The latter means ‘to pronounce words or parts of words clearly’.

The use of words and texts to deconstruct the meaning of the image is the concept of the 60’s and 70’s. But what is a voice? In the essay Le Grain de la Voix, 1972, the critic Roland Barthes discusses the distinctive character of the voice and defines the term “body in the voice, while it sings, corresponding to the hand that writes.” He/she who speaks or sings makes the language of his/her own.

We speak of the need to ‘find one’s voice’ as if it was moving restlessly about in the room, waiting for someone to claim ownership over it. In a religious sense, there is also an understanding that a divine voice might take over a body, causing the subject to ‘speak in tongues’ (glossolalia). At the same time, the term for voting in Germanic languages is ‘voicing’. “SPEAKING VOLUMES! / TUNGEBUNDET” asks the question: To whom does a voice belong?

The participating artists are Ditte Lyngkær Pedersen (DK), Rikke Hansen (DK), Catherine Clover (AU/UK), Søren Krag (DK/NO), Marija Griniuk (LT/DK), Mads Mygind and Lise Haurum (DK), Louise Vind Nielsen (DK/DE), and Tanja Nellemann (DK).

12th of October, 2018
6 pm “The artist as a political voice”: a discussion. Chair: artist Marija Griniuk
7.30 pm The exhibition opening; performances

Rikke Hansen (DK) and Tanja Nellemann (DK) performance “Intertransmedial Green – from Mouth to Ear. A Greeting to Henning Christiansen (2018)” (10 mins.)

Marija Grniuk (LT/DK) performance “Mark-Making. Traces of Light” (15 mins.)

The exhibition and overall project is organised by Rikke Hansen and Tanja Nellemann.

The exhibition runs until the 26th of October and is available to visit Mon-Fri, 10 am – 6 pm.

Exhibition partners: KH7 Artspace, BiteVilnius AiR, Århus Kommune, Statens Kunstfond, Nordisk Kulturfond, Kaunas Artists’ House.


Rikke Hansen (DK) 

She is a writer and an art critic, living and working in London, UK, and in Aarhus, Denmark. She writes on issues pertaining to performance, installation, video and text-based art. She is a regular contributor of Art Writing or Creative Non-Fiction to artists’ books. She produced the weekly radio programme, Nature Calls: Animals in Visual Culture, on Resonance 104.4 FM, London’s Arts Radio Station. Her educational background is in art and philosophy. She holds a degree in BA Fine Art from Goldsmiths, University of London, and, in 2003, she completed an MA in Aesthetics and Art Theory in the Department of Philosophy at Middlesex University, London.

Tanja Nellemann Poulsen (DK)

She is an artist, living and working in Aarhus, Denmark. Tanja Nellemann is engaged in political and social topics. She works site-specific with words, samples texts, images and her projects are often involving participation. Her educational background is in fine arts and art writing. In 2001 she completed studies at The Jutland Art Academy, Denmark, and in 2013/2014 did art writing master class at Litteraturcentret, Aarhus, Denmark.

Marija Griniuk (DK/LT)

She is an artist and a writer living and working in Copenhagen, Denmark and Vilnius, Lithuania. Marija Griniuk works with performance, participatory art, art writing and performative pedagogies. Her educational background is in fine arts. In 2008 she graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts, in 2017 she completed studies at The Jutland Art Academy, Denmark. Currently is involved in the post-studio program Critical and Pedagogical Studies in Malmø Art Academy, Sweden.

Søren Krag (DK/NO)

He is an artist, working and living in Bergen, Norway. Søren Krag is working with large spectrum of media: performance, video, installation, painting and textile. His educational background is in fine arts. In 2016 he completed studies at The Jutland Art Academy, Denmark. Currently he is involved in the post-graduate program in Fine Arts at Bergen Academy of Art and Design

Louise Vind Nielsen (DK/DE)

She is an artist, working and living in Hamburg, Germany. Louise Vind Nielsen is conceptual sound-, performance and visual artist working with, in between and against humans and machines, sound and image, poetry and activism. Her educational background is in fine arts. In 2013 she completed studies at The Jutland Art Academy, Denmark.

Ditte Lyngkær Pedersen (DK)

She is an artist, currently living and working in Aarhus, Denmark.Through a range of media, such as video, text, photography, drawing, and object-based installations, Lyngkær Pedersen examines the various ways in which we understand our identity and make sense of our surroundings. Her practice often revisits themes from science and theories of perception. Lyngkær Pedersen has taken part in several international residency programmes and exhibitions. She has furthermore been engaged in a number of long-term collectives and curatorial projects, including The Production Unit, HOMEWORK and the exhibition space rum46 in Aarhus.

She holds an MFA in Visual Art from Malmö Art Academy, Sweden, 2004.

Catherine Clover (AU/UK)

She is living and working in Melbourne Australia.Catherine’s multidisciplinary practice addresses communication through voice, language and the interplay between hearing/listening, seeing/reading. Using field recording, digital imaging and the spoken/written word she explores an expanded approach to language within and across species through a framework of everyday experience. Listening enables the complexity of the urban to be understood as a shared sonic space. The artworks prompt transmission and reception through the fluidity, instability and mobility of voicing and languaging. The artworks are social in nature and frequently involve collaboration and participation with other artists and audiences. The artworks take several forms including texts/scores, soundworks, installations, external public artworks, radio, live performance, readings and artist books.

Brought up in London UK she arrived in Melbourne, Australia through a residency with Gertrude Contemporary in the 1990s. Exhibiting and performing within Australia and internationally, she teaches at Swinburne University (MA Writing) and holds a practice led PhD (Fine Art) through RMIT University. PhD (Fine Art) RMIT University, Melbourne Australia (2008-2015): A practise-led research project through the School of Art, entitled ‘Tell Me Something: unlearning common noisy wild urban birds through listening, voice and language’. Supervisors Lexley Duxbury and Philip Samartzis

Mads Mygind and Lise Haurum (DK)

Mads Mygind and Lise Haurum are living and working in Aarhus, Denmark. Mads Mygind is a danish poet. He is a cand. mag. in Nordic Languages and Literature from Aarhus University. Lise Haurum is an artist and a writer. She is educated from Konstfack in Stockholm at the department of art and the school of creative writing Literary Composition at the University of Gothenburg. She works primarily with text, installations, and Artist’s books. Her works are influenced by natural science and she uses its methods. By mixing different medias, she creates narratives that collectively represent a larger context. The themes she works with are the ocean, the human and the nature.