Kaunas Artists’ House celebrates its 50th anniversary on November 29. On the occasion of the anniversary, we invite you to the Šokiai ir šakočiai (The Dance and Tree Cakes) party.

Get ready to boost your festive mood and we promise you an exclusive event program!

The event starts at 6:30 p.m.


Sneeze Etiquette

The ensemble of improvised music was formed in 2021 (Arturas Bumšteinas (turntables), Kristupas Gikas (turntables), Adas Gecevičius (percussion), Mantas Augustaitis (percussion). The members of Sneeze Etiquette play without discussing or rehearsing; they unleash their imagination and listen closely to spontaneously arising acoustic images. Their music could be described as a collage-like needle jazz or scratch punk. However, you don’t have to call it music if you find the term shocking.

Persona 2

Persona 2 is a continuation of Edvinas Mikulskis’ painting project Persona that was implemented in 2020. The ideas developed during the painting process led to the creation and continuation of the project outside the field of painting. The artist, who started analyzing how complex a personality can be in his paintings, continues to develop the idea through dance, performance and digital art. The artwork tries to escape the roles imposed by society, to capture the performativity of gender through artistic means, thus establishing a positive relationship with oneself. The performance blurs the boundaries between femininity and masculinity, allowed and forbidden, personal and universal, and takes one on a journey of self-discovery.

Local girls

It is a duo of two interdisciplinary artists, DJs, and music producers: Kotryna Briedytė and Ekvilina Milaševičiūtė. Maneuvering between different music and audio genres they mix the collected sounds and texts and create mostly temporary, contextual narratives. The series of events called Small Talk curated by them since 2018 explores the field of experimental electronics in Lithuania.

The project for the 50th anniversary of the Kaunas Artists’ House is financed by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.

The patron of the event is Kaunas City Municipality.

A tour of the Kaunas Artists’ House and its jubilee exhibitions will take place before the party, at 5 p.m.

KMN 50: Marijos Nemčenko paroda „LAK“

KMN 50: Paroda „Gyvi Namai“