In 2019 April KAH hosted curator, artist Tanel Rander (EE). His residency included two public lectures: “A Mole, Larger in Size Than Ever Seen Before” and “Unlearning Eastern Europe”.

“For the last 8 years my work has been based on research on Eastern Europe and decolonial options. I have gained knowledge and experience mostly from the decolonial movement, also from authors with ex-Yugoslavian and former Third World background, but my work context has mostly been the Baltic states. I am currently interested in subaltern histories of the Baltics, as well as in the concept of non-colonial Europe, therefore I see East Europe partly as a misleading concept that needs to be critically reviewed and unlearned.” (Tanel Rander)

In the lecture “Unlearning Eastern Europe” T. Rander was speaking about his artistic/curatorial research on Eastern Europe and decolonial options, as well as about his latest and ongoing project “The Mouth of Daugava”, which focuses on colonial history of the region, now known as Estonia and Latvia. He is interested in discussions over subaltern histories in the Baltics and their relevance during the ongoing outbreak of nationalism and racism. T. Rander is also looking for ideas and positions that address the concept of non-colonial Europe and intend to create local (Lithuanian) and regional (pan -Baltic,etc.) vocabularies in articulatin those things that so far have been forming the notion of Eastern Europe.

Tanel Rander (b. 1980) is an artist, curator, and writer, whose creative work includes experimental practices based in language and psychology, and critical study of Eastern-European discourse and decoloniality. The focus of Rander’s work is the tension between subjectivity and the modifying pressure it experiences between interior and exterior. From late 2016 to late 2018 he conducted a collective research on borders in Estonian/Latvian twin town Valga/Valka, where he also ran the art space Brivibas galerija.

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