What happens when words from paper move up on a stage and a pen is swapped to a microphone? When boundaries are transgressed not only between readers and the audience, but different disciplines of art?

Purpousfully playing with a word “trenksmas“ (Lith. slam, bang) the event will mark two years KAH Slam anniversary. Trenksmas invites to enjoy the elasticity of spoken word art limits in an event, where poetry climb up the stage, lyricism mixes with rythm, overlaps with hip-hop and rap culture and breaks event the modest rules of Slam.

Spoken word poetry by Brandon Wint from Canada and Blesz from the Netherlands will be joined by beats, provided by local Kaseta:

BRANDON WINT (CA) – a poet, spoken word artist and teacher who is devoted to the articulation of the beauty within the human condition. His intricately-rendered performance pieces present a passionate, sincere and whimsical version of humanity.

BLESZ (NL) – songwriter, spoken word poet, MC and DJ. His style is versatile, but recognizable and his tracks are characterized by honesty, love, passion and criticism.

KASETA (LT) – a beatmaker and a sound designer who uses various samples from old vinyl records, snippets of field recordings and synthesised sounds to create his new instrumental hip-hop compositions.

The event is free of charge and will be held in English.

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