How do you see the world and how do I see it?
How is my reality different from yours?
We can’t get into another person’s brain, but can we see the world through their eyes?
Or show it?
What does it take to change reality? What about creating it?

Through performance art practices, participants in this three-day workshop tried to rediscover their surroundings. Performance, taking place here and now, has no chance of being corrected. Everything is real and the viewer becomes the participant and the participant becomes the spectator. When we begin to see things differently, we can act differently, starting with ourselves, we can influence others. This art form combines meditative self-analysis and expressive action, giving it unexpected meanings. It invited the workshop participants to leave the comfort zone and explore silence, feel the sound, examine the matter with their fingers, and in a safe environment try out blind trust in themselves and others.

The workshops, held August 20-22, included creative experiments in Kaunas Artists’ House’s space, experiential tours, gaze and touch exercises, and discussions. Even shared snacks had become a creative tool to discover new dimensions in common situations. Challenges and discoveries were overcome with the help of methodology adapted to working with youth, discussions while snacking, and dynamic and playful parts of the workshop.

The performance workshop culminated with a presentation of personalized site-specific performances created by the participants, a subsequent discussion and letters written for the group and workshop mentors.

Workshop was conducted by:
Vaida Tamoševičiūtė (1983) graduated from Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, Kaunas Faculty with an MA in painting in 2008. She has been participating in exhibitions and projects in Lithuania and abroad since 2006. Her focus is on performance art. Since 2012 she is one of the organizers of the international performance and live art festival CREATurE Live Art. She also curates other performance art events and participates in educational projects. She has been teaching performance art at Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, Kaunas Faculty since 2014. In 2015 Vaida Tamoševičiūtė was awarded Kaunas City Municipality’s Culture and Art Prize for her contribution to the cultural life of the city.

Asta Volungė (1985) curator of Kaunas Artists’ House’s educational program has a Bachelor’s Degree in painting from Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, Kaunas Faculty and in alternative pedagogy (DNS, Denmark) as well as experience working with socially vulnerable youth in Denmark. She continued her studies in interdisciplinary master’s program in gender studies (Linkoping, Sweden), is working on gender equality, social justice, and social art and culture projects.

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